Features and Acceptance Criteria

Every project has its own collection of different functionalities working together. A functionality can have features and sub-features, that must meet the acceptance criteria created by the Product Owner. Features are basically functional or non-functional requirements of a system. They describe what a system can or can’t do. Acceptance criteria are the conditions that a software product has to meet to be accepted by a user or another system. Each user story has its unique acceptance criteria that define the feature behavior from an end-user perspective. Testerum uses a scenario-oriented type of acceptance criteria (scenarios that illustrate each criterion). The Given/When/Then format is a common template for describing this acceptance criteria approach. This format, also known as the Gherkin syntax, is derived from behaviour driven development (BDD) and will ensure that all the specification requirements are met. In Testerum, every feature has its own acceptance criteria which describe the product’s expected behaviour. This documentation can be written directly in Testerum and immediately serve as manual tests.

How to create a Feature

  1. Select Feature menu item from the menu bar.
  2. Hover over Feature tree node and press Create Feature button. Create Feature
  3. In the right part of the screen will appear the Creation Menu. Here you will be able to:

  4. Provide a Name for your Feature (mandatory)
  5. You can provide a list of tags.
  6. Create a description of your feature. Testerum uses markdown for text formatting. Find more details about markdown formatting here.
  7. Add attachments.

Tip: A good description will help your team fully comprehend your feature. The behavior of your feature will be done using Acceptance Criteria.

How to create Acceptance Criteria

Every feature has a set of acceptance criteria which describe the product’s expected behaviour. The acceptance criteria will immediately serve as manual tests. Let’s see how it’s done:

  1. Navigate to your Feature tree.
  2. Hover over your newly created Feature and press Create Test button. This is the Plus button. Create Test
  3. Name your test. Additionally, you may add a description and tags.
  4. In Type category select Manual and Enabled.
  5. Now click on Plus button next to Steps category in order to Add Steps. Add Test Step
  6. Add steps of your Acceptance Criteria by typing them into the input field or selecting from the drop-down menu. Even if you select a test that was originally created as an automated test, it will work in this case as a manual test. Remember to provide preconditions (GIVEN), action (WHEN) and results (THEN). Edit Test Step
  7. After you're done adding your steps, save your test.