Test Web Applications



Mock 3rd party APIs

Initialize & verify DB


Extensible platform

Automated tests without programming

Write automated tests without programming

The smallest learning curve in the industry

Using code to write and maintain automated tests can be a burden, we understand that. This is why we have created a friendly UI which everyone can use it without any programming knowledge. In our testing tool, everything is visually represented in the business language, so each member of the project can naturally understand and follow every step of the testing phase.

Multiple testing technologies

Selenium, REST API, Relational Databases,
Cross-Platform Testing and more

Testerum offers a testing environment without limitations by integrating multiple technologies such as Selenium, REST API, Mock 3rd Party API, Relational Databases and more. Mix and mingle to create complete testing workflows!

Complete tool

Test REST APIs and
verify HTTP responses

No programming knowledge is required!

Testerum enables you to easily test the REST API, one of the most popular approaches used for client-server communication. Everything is done using our intuitive UI, so you don’t have to write any code at all! You will also be able to follow and verify complex workflows in the testing process.

Mock 3rd party API with
an end to end testing tool

Test your project in isolation

You are able to test multiple scenarios. It’s simpler than you might think! Use Testerum to initialize your database and connect to the 3rd party provider you want to test. It will mock the 3rd party API, simulate every possible response and test every real-life situation. Our testing tool can isolate every module of the project and test it individually for complete and stable results.

Mock 3rd PARTY APIs

Complete test documentation

You don't need Wiki anymore
Every test is used as documentation

Testerum allows you to write comprehensive tests, which are used to create detailed documentation. Simply describes the acceptance criteria in the business language. This way, each member of the team can understand the functional requirements. The documentation contains a complete overview with details about every action made in the testing phase.

Your tests in a CI/CD environment

Test automation makes it possible to test fast and test early.

The key to integrating quality into our software is ensuring that we can get quick feedback on the impact of new changes. Continuous Testing helps to realize the speed and flexibility of agile and ensures faster recovery in the case that any defects are found in the product. Test automation makes it possible to test fast and test early, and gives stakeholders more accurate risk information, helping them make better decisions at the business level. In order to achieve a high quality of software, we need to run different types of tests continually within the delivery process.


Strong analytics tool

In-depth overview with complete test reporting

Testerum offers you centralized data and real-time analytics so you can rapidly identify errors and optimize your testing strategy. Using in-depth reports, you can understand the quality of your project modules and the fragility of your code. Moreover, you will be able to track the progress of the testing phase. These important factors will determine the stability of your project in time.

Free & open-source

A tool for every IT project.

Testing should be accessible for every IT project due to its importance. Testerum is an open-source test automation tool that offers all its functionalities for free. If you appreciate our tool, please consider buying a license in order to support our effort.