Why you need an automated web suite for your company?

Major Reasons Why You Need an Automated Web Suite for Your Company

With the growth of digital technology and application development, it is becoming more important than ever to effectively test the performance of your applications before putting them out in front of consumers. Testing helps ensure that your application is free from any bugs and errors and that the flow of the application is carried forward seamlessly.

Lack of testing procedures often results in bugged releases that can be a nightmare for the company to handle. As a professional software company, you want to ensure that all the products you put out to your core audience are extensively vetted out for performance and results. Because most product development today is done through a rapid process like Agile, it can be difficult to put the right time and resources towards testing.

In the past, testing procedures were largely carried out manually by having individual testers test out the functionality of the system and its different facets. This testing was often inadequate to test out the extensive needs of software systems completely. This lack of proper testing was often directly equated to lower product quality, negative customer responses, and higher costs of the end system. The reason behind these critical issues often is a lack of planned testing approach towards development as a comprehensive affair.

Even though engineers put in their best efforts to ensure that the bugs are corrected before the software is released, the end result is often imperfect. Eventually, the product is launched, and regression testing is chosen as the way to work through the errors that threaten product stability. This leads to extensively inefficient testing procedures.
So, this leads us to the all-important question: How do we effectively test our applications?

The answer today is automation testing .

Contrary to the limiting aspects of manual testing, automation testing comes forward as a comprehensive process devised to improve the testing efficiency of your testing process. Devised to improve cost and speed utilization in software development processes, automation testing removes repetitive manual human effort and provides effective instant feedback regarding test cases.

However, before delving deep into how automation testing can be transformative for your company, let’s explore a bit more about what automation testing actually is.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is a comprehensive process utilizing automated tools to create and execute test cases. These test cases are often done through a web suite that comprises an elaborate range of tools designed to simplify your testing procedure. These tools compare the difference between expected outcomes and actual test results to let you know about the workability of your application. Advanced automation web suites allow users to have the ability to customize the testing process to be designed for minimal human input throughout the process. This customization helps companies turn testing into a simplified affair, completely opposite to the rigorous repetitive manual testing process. Automation testing suites often come paired with detailed reports that allow companies to have an overview of what the testing process encompassed.

Automation testing helps explore new ways for your company to improve your efficiency and conduct the testing process. Here are some of the biggest advantages of opting for an automated web testing suite.

The Benefits of Automated Web Testing Suite

Web testing suites are nothing like simple manual testing procedures. These automated suites include across-the-board access to all the tools you need to test and improve your application development process effectively. Here are some of the biggest benefits.

  • 3rd Party API Testing – Most applications today rely heavily on data sent and received through 3rd party APIs. With manual testing procedures, it can be incredibly difficult to effectively test out the veracity of the data received from the API across different times. Industry-leading Automated Web Testing suites often come with built-in API testing features to help you test out your flow across different API’s.
  • No Programming Required – Relying on programming through the testing process can make everything unnecessarily complex. Efficient web testing suites allow you to have a simplified logical testing interface without having to type complex testing queries in different languages. This layman-friendly testing mechanism ensures that you don’t need to be a coding wiz to test out your application and its features properly.
  • Multiple Testing Technologies – Conventional manual testing features often rely on a single tool to carry out the testing process. Web testing suites, on the other hand, are a combination of intricately designed technologies to facilitate testing with Selenium, REST API, Relational DB’s, and other Cross-platform testing options. This helps you save time and devise an integrated testing strategy to test every facet of your application in a single easy-to-use interface.
  • Reusable Test Scripts – Unlike manual testing, where you have to individually type out your desired test cases to see the results, web testing suites store the information about your desired scripts and let you reuse those scripts in future testing scenarios. This helps you save invaluable time in typing out syntax and lets you focus on the more important aspects of the process.
  • Parallel Platform Testing – Cross-browser compatibility is essential for modern-day applications because of the diversity in user choices. It is important for developers to ensure that their application is functioning the right way across different hardware, browsers, operating systems, network connections, and other forms of variations. This form of compatibility testing often requires testing a wide range of different variations. When performed manually, this can take hundreds of tests to cover the different browsers and hardware variations available in the global market. Consolidated testing suites allow you to simplify your testing process by having parallel testing options on hundreds of different browsers, devices, and operating systems simultaneously. This parallel testing ability is an invaluable aspect available in modern automated web suites.

Difference Between Automation Testing Software and Web Automation Testing Suite

Even though they essentially seem similar, there is a massive difference between Automation Testing Software and Web Automation Testing Suites. Automation Testing Software is often small-scale singular purpose testing interfaces that are designed to test a limited range of applications for your application. These are often limited and used primarily for small-scale projects that require minor testing automated and repetitions.

On the other hand, web automation testing suites are comprehensive testing platforms design to cover every facet of the testing process. From multiple-platform compatibility to parallel testing, these powerful platforms are designed to completely automate the testing process and add a layer of integrated testing support for modern software companies. Web Testing Suites often contain a wide range of automation tools combined together to offer an integrated testing environment for every element of the testing process. Web Testing Suites are ideal for companies that are looking to completely get away from the hassle of the manual testing process by having a support framework that is compatible with modern-day development interfaces and response mechanisms.

One of the most compelling aspects offered by Web Testing Suites are integrated dashboards that present detailed insights into testing results to allow the testers to take corrective actions and present the information visually to their stakeholders. These features are accompanied by automated reports to help create dynamic information

Choosing the Right Testing Suite for Your Business

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to making a choice for the web automation suite that suits your business direction. However, it is important to make considerations of the cost-effectiveness and features offered by the testing suite to ensure that the offerings from the suite match your business objectives.

Industry-leading testing suites often offer comprehensive automated-testing options along with an integrated manual feature to complement companies that are looking to make customizations to the testing process and adapt it to their specifications. Taking an overview of the analytics tools of the testing suite is also a great way to understand how the testing process portrays your project modules and code fragility. Aside from that, it is important to have project testing tracking and embedded suggestions to create a stable testing environment for your application.

Make sure you take the time to test the leading options in the market to get an idea of what they offer specifically for your company. Taking the time to do that would be a great way of having a practical idea of the testing features and testing them with your company environment.

For further information about which features are a must-have in your Automation Web Testing Suite, please stay connected with our blog for our next piece.