Write quality Automated Tests using Testerum

Test any WEB application & REST Service using Testerum

Test Automation remains the most ignored, important and hard to achieve part of an IT project.

It can be easy to write a few automated tests but it is very hard to write them to a degree that gives you the confidence to put your code in production.

Nowadays, the main challenges to create a good test suite are:

  • maintainability - takes more time to repair the failing tests than to write new ones
  • test fragility - tests tend to break without any obvious reasons
  • complexity - programming language makes it hard to understand the full data flow
  • acceptance criteria coverage - tests written in programming languages tend to be abstract and hard to understand. Maintaining a large set of business language steps is difficult. Because of this, many projects fail to test all the positive and negative acceptance criteria.

Testerum is an open-source framework that focuses on solving these pain points and improve the overall testing process.
Testerum allows users to test any Web Application and REST API without programming required.
Testerum increases the automated tests quality by initializing/ verifying data sources and mocking 3rd party API calls.

Its users take advantage of an-easy-to-use UI where they can describe the business acceptance criteria which will be used as a test. You can mark an acceptance criteria as a manual test or you can transform it into an automated test.

In order to transform a manual test into an automated test all you have to do is to select the predefined substeps that defines the actions for each of your business step. Transforming a manual test to an automated test doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

The tool provides an innovative way to test complex REST API flows and on top of this, it helps you to verify the HTTP responses in the easiest manner.

All the tests created using the UI are saved in plain text files and they can be versioned together with the code.

As a standalone component, Testerum Runner allows you to integrate your test suite in any CI/CD environment.

After each test suite execution, statistics & reports will be automatically generated. These can be easily uploaded on a Web Server and have always up-to-date informations and details about the application under-test.

Try now and use Testerum for free: https://testerum.com/download/