Selenium in Testerum

Selenium is a collection of language specific bindings used to automate tests carried out on a web browser. Testerum takes the Selenium library to the next level of accessibility and versatility. Forget using the programming script of your browser, you don’t need it anymore. Testerum comes with Selenium integration and a selection of pre-built Selenium steps, you just have to choose what suits your requirement. Navigate to Steps in the header menu and select Basic Steps => selenium to see the available set of steps: actions, assertions and wait.

Selenium Steps

For the Selenium steps that contain <<elementLocator>>, you will have to target a particular HTML element on the page. For these parameters you need to use an expression with the following syntax: elementLocatorType = elementLocatorExpression

The elementLocatorType can be one of following:

The part elementLocatorType= is optional. If it's missing, the locator type will be CSS. For example,
nav > .home will match elements with the CSS class home that are direct children of a nav element. Tip: If multiple elements match, a step will choose only the first one, unless noted otherwise in the step's description.