What are Run configurations?

The Run Configuration functionality allows you to create multiple run configurations. Each run configuration will trigger the execution of your tests in a desired manner. A run configuration is a set of tests you want to execute. Also, certain settings can be added per test execution. A new run configuration can be created by clicking on the "Add Run Config" item from the menu item.

Add Run Configuration

Select the tests you want to execute

Creating a new run configuration is pretty straight-forward. You give a name to your new run configuration, for eg. "Execute all UI tests" and then you can specify which tests to be included by the their tags or select manually from the directory tree.

Create new Run Configuration

Configure your settings

In each run configuration you can set up your own settings. For the API tests, you can set a connection timeout in milliseconds or a socket timout. For your UI tests, In Selenium settings tab you can configure more options such as browser type, delay between steps etc. More details can be found in the section Selenium settings.

Run Configuration Settings

Trigger the tests using a run configuration

After you set up your first run configuration you will see a green execute icon close to your new configuration. Once you press on the green icon, all your tests and settings configured inside the run configuration will be executed.

Trigger the run configuration