Add a new Selenium driver


Testerum comes bundled with Selenium drivers for the most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera). From time to time, browser vendors release a new version of their browser that no longer works with the latest version of the Selenium driver that Testerum has. At the same time, browser vendors also release a newer version of the Selenium driver which works with the new browser version.

When this happens, you can either wait until a new Testerum version will be released, which includes the new driver, or download the new driver yourself, and let Testerum know about it.

How to add a new Selenium driver to Testerum

  1. First, you will need to download the new Selenium driver. You can do that from one of the following places:

    • There is no need to download the Selenium driver for Safari - it comes installed together with the Safari browser.
    • Since there will be no new versions of Internet Explorer (the last version is 11), there is no need to download new drivers for it.

  2. After downloading the driver, extract the executable file (e.g. operadriver.exe) from the downloaded archive in a directory where you have write access.

  3. Rename the executable file to contain the platform and the version, e.g. operadriver_win64_75.0.3770.100.exe. For the platform part, use win64, mac64, or linux64, depending on your operating system.

  4. In the same folder as the extracted driver, create a text file with the same name as the driver file, but having the .json extension: operadriver_win64_75.0.3770.100.json.

    The content of the file should have the following format:

        "driverFile": "operadriver_win64_75.0.3770.100.exe",
        "driverVersion": "75.0.3770.100",
        "browserVersions": ["61", "62"]
    The driverFile specifies the name of the executable file.
    The driverVersion is the version of the driver.
    The browserVersions lists all the browser versions supported by this driver.

  5. Copy the executable file (operadriver_win64_75.0.3770.100.exe) and the JSON file (operadriver_win64_75.0.3770.100.json) to the Selenium drivers directory, for example C:\Program Files\Testerum\selenium-drivers\opera.

  6. Restart Testerum so it can pick up the new driver.